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Health Consultations

Through her extensive training and varied career, Jill has a unique approach to understand her patient’s concerns. Each patient can expect individual attention distinct to their own situation. For these reasons, a consultation may take between one and two hours depending on the individual’s health concerns. Sometimes, interim consultations are required for more complex treatments and programmes.


Acupuncture uses hair-fine, sterile needles to access specific points defined through meridians in the body. Traditions over many thousands of years have advanced throughout that time to a scientifically-proven treatment process. Acupuncture encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms to treat an amazing list of pathogenic and physical conditions ranging from athletic pain relief, fertility, and even cancer treatment support.

Herbal Medicine

The synergy of incorporating Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with specially formulated Herbal treatments offers a complete treatment strategy to each patient. Licensed to have access to a global apothecary of options, Jill’s approach benefits the entire healing process, ultimately supporting the holistic mind, body, and spirit.


This time-tested and well-received treatment can be an additional compliment to some patient’s programme when the need arises. It involves placing glass cups of various sizes to a patient’s body in order to stimulate and move the body’s own Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) opening up pathways and promoting the overall healing process.