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Penticton, BC

Hospital visits were a monthly ordeal for me. To the best of my knowledge, I was suffering three major health concerns:

  • Diabetic congested heart failure (pace-marker implanted)
  • Kidney malfunction
  • Days of exhaustion and pain were increasing and I knew my days were numbered.

My life changed the day I was making funeral arrangements with my daughter when she insisted I make an appointment with Jill Sutherland. After a few weeks of treatment, I could feel results, no more pain, sleeping through the night, energy returned, to only mention a few. I am happy to say that I am no longer a “diabetic” and living my days doing all the things that make me happy. Being in my older, wiser, years, I knew how important it was to follow Jill’s instructions.

This I did, taking treatment as instructed, and making all the necessary changes in my food choices. I believe this is the “key” to having your health restored. Thank you Jill, we did this together!


You have given me a new lease on life!

Its is an invaluable gift……….all I can say is Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

Sara K.
Penticton, BC.

My name is Sara I am 35 and since I can remember I have been dealing with severe Neck pain and Headaches due to Scoliosis.

This affected my Sleeping Habits. I woke up in the middle of the night and could not fall asleep again. I started my day being tired and with Pain, making it very hard to function during the day. I had limited energy and very irritable. As well I have been having problems with Sinus Infections and 2 years ago I started to get Migraines, which was getting worse with PMS. I have been treated for my Scoliosis since I was 12 years old to the point of having to take almost every day painkillers to function. But it was getting worst; by the end of 2007 I was taking 6-10 pain killers a Week, sometimes 6 just in one day.

I was seeing different Specialist but nobody really understood the source of my pain instead they all tried to prescribe stronger painkillers. Also my Doctor prescribed me some anti-depressant for sleeping better at night and some Migraines tablets, which are very costly. But nothing really worked. The anti-depressant gave me insomnia and I started to get more Migraines.

I was very frustrated with my life and I felt so helpless until a friend told me about Jill. I reluctantly made an appointment, but was very surprised with her understanding of the body and I felt the first time in my life somebody knows what is going on with me. With Jill’s help I started to understand my Body better and the symptoms that lead to the source of my pain. With a healthy diet Plan and herbal medicine, my life has been a complete change. I never experienced the way I feel now. I wake up with almost no pain anymore, I sleep through the night. My energy is 100% more than it used to be. Now instead of taking 6-10 Pain killers weekly to maybe 6 a month and to my surprise my overall well being improved such as PMS, Skin and emotional well-being. A year later and finally I feel I have a life. I do things what I never was able to do before. I can highly recommend this treatment to anybody. Jill is a wonderful person and her sincere desire is to help people. Thank you very much, Jill.

Kelowna, B.C.

I have suffered extreme, debilitating pain for decades.

Many surgeries, miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, 3 of which ruptured with near death consequences. Extreme abdominal swelling generally accompanied the pain. Endometriosis was constant, despite surgeries. Dull nagging pain was a daily condition. I was unable to walk any distance and any activity irritated the condition hence extended travel became an unrealizable dream. I have taken pain medications for many years which gave a little relief.

Jill Sutherland’s “Program” (my word) 🙂 involves lifestyle, eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods. Is it a challenge…. absolutely, but worth the effort and change. When I strictly apply the “program” I feel great, when I go off it, my body lets me know, not good! Even when I cheat a little, Jill’s medications keep me from going backwards.

If I can do it, truly anyone can!! Has it helped me….YES. Last year, I was physically able to fly to Europe, enjoy a tour of the Mediterranean for more than two weeks with no ill effects from the long flight and the activity. Was this just a coincidence??.. NO. Shortly I am leaving on a 35 day trip to Hawaii, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. Lots of flying & activity.

What can I say about Jill Sutherland, just this, she HAS GIVEN ME BACK MY LIFE, and I intend on living it to the full. So, give her a call, you’ll be glad that you did.